About Us

        Beijing Biosow Seeds Co., Ltd., a professional vegetable seeds company with headquarter in Beijing, focuses on breeding to provide better quality seeds to worldwide customers. Its tomato, peppers, cucurbid crop etc, which are suitable for the greenhouse, open field growing condition, are available to tailor to all the clients.

        We adhere to the scientific breeding concept of improving quality and efficiency, combining genetic breeding and modern molecular marker-assisted method, which greatly shortens the breeding cycle, improves the breeding efficiency.

        Beijing Biosow has been committing to:  

        Maximize the nutrition;

        Increase crop yield value; 

        Minimize pesticides & fertilizers & labor using;

        Contribute to the agriculture sustainable development.

        Aiming to provide growers with higher quality seeds, is our motivation, driving us to contribute to the development of seed industry with down-to-earth effort and continuous breeding innovation.